Sheer bathing suits and thong swimwear from Brigitewear

Sheer swimwear bathing suits by Brigitewear

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Brigitewear ® sexy sheer swimwear in both sheer one piece thong swimsuits and sheer one piece full bottom styles as well as bikini sheer bathing suits, all designed for the mature woman who is neither afraid nor ashamed to show her body, regardless of age or shape. All Sheer swimwear has a crotch lining and the tops are only sheer when wet otherwise looking like any other suit.  Extremely sexy and provocative. See all of our sheer bathing suits and sheer swimwear in our new online thong catalog for women and men!  Several new sheer when wet and topless designs for , all made in the USA by

Brigite for Brigitewear



Sheer swimwear the St. Tropez sheer bathing suits thong by Brigitewear


St. Tropez One Piece Thong Sheer Bathing Suits

The Sheer Bathing Suit 2Scoops in modest when dry, but get it wet and watch out.  The top is unlined and becomes sheer when wet for an exciting exotic sexy look, the ultimate in sheer swimwear

Sheer 2Scoops Sheer One Piece Sheer Swimwear

Sheer when wet Cannes thong sheer swimwear bikini swimsuit by Brigitewear, sexy sheer bathing suits for the mature woman

Sheer Cannes Sheer Thong Bikini Swimsuit

Barely There G-String One Piece Swimwear

LaMaille Sheer One Piece thong swimsuit

Sheer Magic sheer when wet full bottom one piece swimsuit

Buy sexy designer thong sheer swimwear, topless thong bathing suits and full bottom sheer bathing suits from our online catalog.  Add a sensual element to your wardrobe with high fashion men's and women's thong bikini swimwear or one piece thong sheer swimsuits, g-string bikinis and topless swimsuits as well as sexy cover-ups and sheer T shirts, the above sexy sheer swimwear was all designed and modeled by Brigite for Brigitewear. Fine, high quality, made in the USA designer men's and women's sheer thong swimwear, thong topless bathing suits and g string bikinis for the mature, confident woman and man.

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Bri-G G-string bikini   Biarritz g string bikinis    St.Tropez G-String   Toulon Tie Gstring bikini    Cheetah thong swimsuit     St.Tropez one piece thong swimsuit   

 2Scoops one piece   Azur men's thong swimsuit  L'Amant Men's thong

For a glorious tan, wear nothing at all or....


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Shop for men's and women's thong swimwear and g-string bikinis, or  the perfect one piece thong swimsuit women's sexy  topless swimsuits or sexy sheer bathing suits. Fine quality made in the U.S.A. thong swimwear and g string bikini selections from which to choose. Designer women's topless swimsuits and thong swimwear and g-string bikinis as well as exotic one piece thong swimsuits are Brigite's specialty.  Check out the Brigitewear  St, Raphael one piece thong swimsuit and the beautiful Waikiki bikini thong swimsuit. For a more risqué swimwear,  the Bri-G, g-string bikini topless swimsuit or Brigite's newest creation the Versailles one piece topless swimsuit thong swimwear. Buy French designer women's thong sheer swimwear and g-string bikinis also thong bathing suits and  topless sheer bathing suits online.  Shop for thong bikini swim wear with confidence at Brigite's secure sites.  Also be sure to look at the new women's topless swimwear the Versailles thong topless swimsuit. Shop for designer g string swimwear and thong bikinis, one piece thong bathing suits, also our exciting collection of women's thong  topless swimsuits and cover-ups online or our toll free number. All


Brigitewear thong swimwear is made the the USA