Sexy One Piece Thong Swimsuits

Here you may buy the perfect sexy thong one piece swimsuits. From the sheer when wet St. Tropez or Sheer Lace thong swimsuit to the less risque lined St. Raphael or the sophisticated Sheer Elegance. Feeling really adventurous, try the see through Barely There sexy one piece swimsuit with thong bottom, Diamant Blanc or Mesh Vichy thong. Show you best assets with the Hipster Monokini thong one piece bathing suit or the mesh La Maille. Brigitewear is a major supplier of cutting edge swimwear specializing in haute couture sexy one piece swimsuits and beach accessories. Our bathing suits run the gamut of style from conservative to risque. If you are looking for sexy one piece swimsuits or bikinis, you have come to the right place. Sultry, seductive, slinky sexy one piece swimsuits, skimpy bikinis, topless swimwear and sheer see through T shirts and cover-ups.

St. Tropez Sheer Lace Thong | Brigitewear
St. Tropez Lace Thong SwimsuitSt. Tropez Lace one piece thong swimsuit You will be the hit of the beach or pool in this provocative thong bathing suit. The delicate and oh so sheer lace material is the perfect blend to enhance your femininity! Brigite has added extreme high cut legs and a plunging neckline and back to further enhance the brevity of this creation. The suit is lined in the crotch area only. Perfect for tanning, the fabric is very tan through, providing practically no UV screening.
St. Tropez Lace Thong SwimsuitSt. Tropez Lace Thong Swimsuit
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Crisscross Thong Sheer Swimsuit
Crisscross Thong One PieceThis seductive thong one piece swimsuit accentuates the female form. Also available with a Rio bottom, its top is proactively sheer when wet. The unique crisscross back ties are functional as well as visually exciting. Designed to hold the bathing suit securely in place while relieving pressure to the neck makes this swimwear perfect for swimming or vigorous sports. Extremely high cut legs and plunging front and back produce a stunning, sophisticated continental styling. Combine this sheer bathing suit with our coordinating Sarong for a go anywhere Summer Stunner! In Baby Blue or our exclusive Painted Jade in sizes 2-20
Crisscross Thong One PieceCrisscross Thong One Piece
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Palm Springs Plunge Sheer One Piece Thong Bottom Swimsuit
Palm Springs Plunge ThongSheer thong bottom, our sexy Palm Springs Plunge bathing suit is sheer when wet and available in Butterfly Blue and Melon colors with coordinating sarongs and cover-ups.
Sheer Lace Thong One Piece Swimsuit
Tahoe One Piece SwimsuitSexy, sheer lace thong one piece swimsuit for women, heads will turn when you wear this exquisite, sultry, sophisticated bathing suit.
Tahoe One Piece SwimsuitTahoe One Piece Swimsuit
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Sheer when wet bathing suit thong | Brigitewear
St. Tropez One Piece Thong SwimsuitSt. Tropez Thong One Piece Swimsuit by Brigitewear. With a little less coverage than the St. Raphael, this swimwear features crotch only lining.
St. Tropez One Piece Thong SwimsuitSt. Tropez One Piece Thong Swimsuit
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Thong one piece swimming suit | Brigitewear
St. Raphael Thong One Piece Swimming Suit

This is our most popular thong one piece swimsuit!

Classy, sensual, and sexy, this is one of the most most exotic one piece thong bathing suits available!

St. Raphael Thong One Piece Swimming SuitSt. Raphael Thong One Piece Swimming Suit
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Diamant Blanc | Brigitewear
Diamant BlancFrench for "The White Diamond"and like a diamond you'll feel in this sexy swimsuit
Diamant BlancDiamant Blanc
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Hipster Thong Monokini One Piece | Brigitewear
Hipster Thong Monokini One PieceDictionary: hip-stir \hip-str\ n (1990) 1: someone who fears being labeled a conformist
Hipster Thong Monokini One PieceHipster Thong Monokini One Piece
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La Maille Mesh Women's Swimming Suit | Brigitewear
La Maille Mesh Women's Swimming SuitLa MailleFrench for "The Mesh"
La Maille Mesh Women's Swimming SuitLa Maille Mesh Women's Swimming Suit
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Barely There Sheer see through swimsuit | Brigitewear
Barely There Sheer Thong One PieceTan Through Sexy One Piece Bathing Suit

The name says it all. Create lots of attention while at the same time achieving that all over tan you've always wanted.

Brigite Convertible Topless Monokini | Brigitewear
Brigite Convertible Topless One PieceIt's summer, you want to take the top down and enjoy the day. Well, it's not just for cars anymore. Brigite is excited to introduce the Brigite Convertible one piece topless swimsuit. This unique bathing suit is designed as a convertible. Adjust the top to the center for a great topless suit perfect for tanning. Readjust the top for complete coverage and go from beach or pool to the bar, restaurant or party with ease, or wear just the bottom only and add the top when more modesty is desired. Three tops make the options vast.
Brigite Convertible Topless One PieceBrigite Convertible Topless One Piece
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Borette One Piece Thong | Brigitewear
Borette One Piece ThongHollywood (Kazakhstan) styling

right out of the movies


Brigitewear Thong Sexy One Piece Swimsuits

First popularized in the 80's, one piece thong swimwear for women was an instant hit.  Then, as the fashion winds blew another direction, thong swimming suits in general became "out of style" and hard to find.  Brigitewear never followed that route.  Our swimwear designers specialize in thong swimwear and other exotic style bathing suits such as topless one piece swim suits in thong or rio bottom and sheer swimwear as well as tan through bathing suits and bikini swimming suits in thong, rio, or g-string bottoms.  All swimwear that is almost impossible to find you will find here.  From sexy, sultry, seductive Tankinis or provacative sheer when wet swimming suits. Whichever style of women's sexy one piece swimsuits you choose, you will be the hit of the beach, pool or in private with our high cut retro sexy one piece swimsuits, available factory direct, made in the USA in California and shipped worldwide since 2001.