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Mens Square Cut black Titanium, rugged stylingSexy in Red! Join the fun!Frosted White become very sheer when wetTitanium Square CutSilver, sleek and masculineWhite back viewTranslucently Sheer When Wet White ShortsSquare Cut Shorts in Sea FoamWhite Square Cut ShortsUnlined Turquoise Square Cut ShortsFrosted White
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Square Cut Shorts

Average rating:
average rating 94%

 Men's Square Cut Swim Shorts

  • Classic Streamlined Styling
  • Low rise, adjustable drawstring
  • Seamless back
  • Unlined
  • Sheer When Wet Frosted White, along with less sheer, Red, Sea Foam, Silver, Titanium, Black & Turquoise
  • Sizes S - XXL
Square Cut Shorts
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Speedster Men's Swimsuit
Azur Men's Thong Swimsuit
Low Rider Men's Thong

These hot shorts hold you in tight for high energy activities. These shorts accentuate all the right places. You'll love the freedom you feel. Designed exclusively by Brigitewear.

*Grommet color may vary from photos.

Special Orders: Additional delivery time and/or an additional charge may be applied for special orders including 1X and 2X sizes.

Featured Reviews:

average rating 80%
My Wife Likes It - A Lot! 12/27/2019
By Kevin
I must admit that I bought a pair of these because my wife wanted me to "look sexy" instead of looking "like a dad". I've been purchasing several very sexy Brigitewear swimsuits for her since I found this brand and I figured that it was finally time for me to make her day! She certainly does mine whenever she wears a Brigitewear bikini or one piece.

So I figured that I could wear them around the house and in our private swimming pool and she would be happy.

These have made her really happy and I have been the beneficiary of her happiness!

I even worn these to our local private beach and went into the water - but more importantly came out of the water - when no one else but my wife was around to see.

I have the unlined turquoise color and they "show" enough when wet to make my wife's heart race... I may purchase the unlined white ones for when we go to our home in the islands or visit one of the resorts in Jamaica, DR, Mexico, Virgin Islands, or elsewhere.

They fit and feel good!
average rating 80%
Great trunks 06/25/2019
By Ken from Portland
I generally wear 33-34" waist in shorts and jeans. I ordered the Seafoam large size and the color and fit is just right. These are great swim trunks for your private pool or out on the boat. I would caution against wearing them in public as they do show more of your junk than most people probably want to see. They dry fast and are much more comfortable and up-to-date looking than a Speedo.

I would have rated them 5 stars, but didn't because they are a little looser fitting than I would have preferred. That said, I ordered a pair in white and decided to try the medium. These fit tighter and are perfect, especially when wet. However, the draw string is way to short and it should have been in a contrasting color (black or blue). My wife doesn't like the white because she thinks it looks like I'm wearing underwear. The contrasting draw string would make them look better.
average rating 100%
Great Looking, even on an 'Old Guy' 03/17/2023
By Radar & R
We ordered these Square Cut Shorts for me, at the some time that we ordered my Wife's Jaguar Halter Top and Black Cheeky High Waist Bottoms.

I have already given both of my Wife's two bikini items above, separate 5 Star reviews, on their respective listing. Both my Wife and I Love the way that they fit me so well! They are comfortable, fit well, quick drying, and give a nice amount of 'package advertising' w/o being fully sheer.
Thanks for some very well made, quality products!!

Note, I ordered my normal size large, but if I had wanted to make my 'package' more evident, I could have gone for the medium size instead.

After we had received and had worn the above items, we found two more sheer bikini tops for my Wife, which I soon ordered them for her.
average rating 100%
We just received our most recent order, which included your sheer Feathers Classic Tank Top, (along with a sheer Polka Dot Bikini Ruffled Top, and a pair of unlined Turquoise Men's Square Cut Swim Sho 04/02/2024
By Radar & R
We just received our most recent order, which included a sheer Feathers Tank top & a sheer Ruffled Polka Dot Bikini top for my Wife along with a pair of the unlined Men's Turquoise Square Cut Swim shorts for me.
I previously ordered them in the Red and the Silver, those fit me very well, as do the new pair I just received, with just a bit more sheerness. My Honey Loves the way they look an fit me, especially when they are wet.
Great quality & fit! Another one of you Fine products!

Turquoise Men's Square Cut Swim Shorts the other day.
average rating 100%
Sexy but not Racy 02/13/2022
By Tim B
I originally only got one pair because I was afraid that might be too skimpy or clingy. I have now purchased a few pairs and these are my suit of choice for the public pool. They are definitely sexy as hell, and my wife really likes them. However, unlike the sheer thong, you can wear it in a family setting as it isn't "in your face". They fit well, are roomy enough in the front, and look very stylish. Great colors too! You will definitely get positive looks and compliments in these!
average rating 100%
Square cut shorts 08/12/2021
By Ivan Beadle
Review contents: The men's square cut shorts in frosted white are great. The fit is perfect i went for small (keeps everything in place). Slightly revealing when dry, yet when wet, well let's just say girlfriend couldn't believe her eyes. Neither could the other women near us on the beach lots of positive comments and wanting to know where i got them. Girlfriend wants to get a suit now, unlined of course.
Great product highly recommend.
average rating 100%
Great Looking, even on an 'Old Guy'2 04/11/2024
By Radar & R
I already have 2 pairs of your Square Cut Swim Shorts, in Red and Titanium, that I ordered last Spring. My Wife and I both liked how well they fit and look on me. This time I ordered them in Turquoise, and that color also looks Great on me too.
We also purchased a Polka Dot Bikini Ruffled Top, a sheer Feathers Classic Tank Top for my Wife at the same time.
Everything is of Good Quality, Well Made, and Very Stylish.
Thank You.
average rating 100%
Returning Customer 08/03/2021
By Brian Faille
We had purchased some bikini's from Brigitewear a few years ago, but the styles and colors were just ok for us. However, for this most recent purchase, there was a sale, and we thought about trying some new fits and colors. We are very pleased to say the least. The mens shorts are amazing, fit very well, are super sexy, and we love the color.
average rating 100%
Great suit 09/05/2022
By George P
The company that made the square cut suits I have been wearing closed up a couple of years back. I've been looking at the suit since then but only recently purchased it. Great material and extremely comfortable. Will be purchasing another one soon for our trip to Mexico in a couple of months.
average rating 100%
Wife loves 04/18/2021
By John
Bought the medium size Sea Foam shorts and wear them to the beach in Mexico. The wife loves the way the way they look and loves the way other women smile at me ....
average rating 100%
Perfect 04/21/2021
By Xander de Graaf
Already own two other pairs of men's square cut shorts, really like them a lot! Perfect fitting, and always the same reaction from my wife when I wear them :-).
average rating 100%
Swim Wear 05/28/2024
By Stephen Robbins
I ordered the white bathing suit. Up close you can see everything underneath. I'm certain that it will become very sheer when i get out of the water!
average rating 60%
Men's square suit 06/13/2019
By J
Nice fit for a bigger, older dude than the models on site.
Turquoise not as sheer as expected, but still did what lady friend wanted.
average rating 100%
Great Fit 05/19/2020
By Matt
I ordered a Large and it fits exactly as advertised (size 34 waist). Great soft high quality material.
average rating 100%
Love them on my husband. 09/09/2018
By Mike Green
Love them. Wish you had more colors and unknown. Loves showing off my husband. And he rocks them
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